How to Create a Qualified Brand

Each person has a name. Even long before he was born, the name has been prepared in advance. To define one word to name only, the parents of the baby would consider many things. Both in terms of the sex of the baby, until the meaning becomes a prayer for the baby.

Nowadays, even some people want to spend time to find a name for their pet. Obviously, because of the naming / naming is part of the branding process. If they are just trying to make a good name even for pets, then why must hurry to choose a name for your company?

 As forming the initial brand image, the difference a single letter in the name of profits and losses can be great for an entity, especially in a company. Therefore before determining the name, you must first gather the facts, avoiding some of the things that you can see in Extole, do some research in terms of language, research geographically, research conformity with the brand, the evaluation of the sound of speech, in common with other brands , as well as doing research on the public.

In determining the name, there are seven good thing to be considered, namely:

  1. The use of language. Decide what language to use. Indonesian or English, or perhaps you have an alternative other languages. This is important because it relates to marketing your products. Why do not you market your products to various countries, who obviously have different languages and writing.
  2. Unique and original. It is important to find out if the name you chose is already used by someone else or not. The similarity of the name would cause confusion it may even be a boomerang for your company. If you are the same type of business, it could be client / consumer you have the wrong place an order. Or even if the name of another brand has a bad image, so this could have a serious effect also for your brand.
  3. Short. The goal is easy to remember.
  4. Not similar to other words, either written or spoken so it does not make it ambiguous and creates misunderstandings.
  5. Does not contain negative connotation because it will affect the brand image.
  6. Flexible so it has a long period of time and does not need to be permuted changing times.
  7. Stay clear and attractive when visualize them in the form of a logo or combined with other visual forms. It will be very helpful when your products are marketed abroad. Although you can only change names in some countries, the visual form will help your brand to remain recognizable as the same brand.