How to Dress and Work Surfaces

“what clothes to wear today?” Perhaps you have wondered like this every time you open the closet when I want to go to work. This kind of confusion is only natural for employees in an office that does not impose a uniform. But actually you do not need to be confused, in determining your work clothes quite adjust to the type and culture of the company as well as your daily work.

Because of course the style of dress different bank employees with employees in the field of press, advertising agencies, or other art workers. In a formal dress, an employee of a bank employee is often used as a trendsetter. Understandably, they are always required to appear neat, clean and fragrant. Especially bank employees who are at the forefront such as customer service or teller. Because they are spearheading a bank in offering products and dealing directly with the customer.

Indeed, the type and the corporate culture and style affect the way employees dress. For creative workers such as advertising, the press, such as journalists, photographers, copy writer, graphic designer and arts workers dress style they seem more casual. Because in addition to their work is expected to be more creative, sometimes they are also required to be more physically active. So please understand if they feel ‘hot’ wear formal clothing.

Casual clothing generally consists of t-shirts, vests, cardigans, flannel shirt, long pants or jeans material. For shoes, men and women can even wear sneakers. Companies that do not impose a uniform for its employees, it frees employees dress. Both men and women are free to wear casual clothes according to taste.

Even for creative workers in the advertising agency, Dressed appearance tend to be more funky and fashionable keep abreast of the latest fashion. This is fine, as long as companies do not implement strict dress rules. For such companies, usually an important employee can produce the best work, regardless of whether or how to dressed.
Casual style clothing believed to provide convenience and flexibility for them rather than formal dress. But employees in other areas of more work in the field such as manufacturing or quality control, too many choose casual clothes. Because they are relatively demanding their jobs more moves.

But employees often meet clients, presentation or meeting in another office, or offer the products, you should choose a formal dress for everyday activities. Those who have such a scope of work for example, sales force or marketing, account executive, and public relations. When meeting with clients you could say they are representatives of the company. So they are required to always appear neat and attractive at the same official. Remember, people often judge people by what looks to first appearance.

And then often perform official usually has three peaces consisting of suits, shirts and trousers plus tie. This applies to men. As for women, formal dress consists of a jacket, blouse and skirt / slacks material.
According to experts, the appearance, even if you are used to working with casual clothes, you still have to have a formal dress. At least you will not be confused if you have to attend formal occasions.

Well, let me dress you are not confused any would go to the office, you must be good at mixing and matching (mix and match) clothing you have. Prepare clothing that will be worn tomorrow morning since evening. At least, fashion already imposed yesterday should not be used again today. Because other than people know you do not change clothes, the clothes worn two days in a row will cause a bad odor. Remember, cleanliness in dress had to be sat.

You need to record, looks are important but not the main thing. So, even if you have a cool appearance, you have to keep up with the extensive knowledge and insight. Because not fun huh that already looks okay but brainless .