How to Maintain Harmonious Relationships among Employees in Your Company

One of the challenges in starting your own business is the survival of the company itself, the company in which it has a harmonious relationship tends to be more durable than the unharmed company. This harmonious relationship can be between the leader and the employees and also among the employees themselves. Click here to find out more about how to lay off employees and still be the ‘good guy’.
“In a healthy company there is a harmonious relationship in it”
Firms with high employee turn-over rates can be detrimental to the company, as companies will incur expenses to hire new employees, not to the point, companies also need to pay to train these employees.
Setting up a company can be likened to having an orchestra concert:
• Leader of the company you are as a conductor, keeping the tempo and harmonization to ensure that the concert can produce spectacular music.
• Employees as musicians who play musical instruments, producing beautiful music.
• Not in the scores as the mission vision of your company.
• The song being played is the product / service of your company.
• Audiences are your clients or customers.
• Appreciation of applause, or even standing applause is the goal of your company.
Success or failure of the concert requires the hard work of all the people in it and is definitely in demanded a harmonious relationship.
What are some tips for creating a harmonious relationship within the company?
1. Mutual Respect and Respect
Companies that cultivate an attitude of mutual respect and respect will certainly make the relationship within the company to be good. Everyone wants to be respected, including you? This attitude of mutual respect and respect can be reflected in the ease of employees in giving aspirations, but it is also necessary to respect and respect the role of employees and leaders in the company.
2. Openness
You do not need to open any of your kitchen’s secret to employees, which means openness here is the employee can know the development of the company so that employees do not feel there is a cover-up by the company. With open to employees, employees can feel comfortable and of course they will fight hard for their company.
3. Good Communication
Successful companies one characteristic is known by the general public, well how to be known? Obviously the company must have a good relationship / communication with the mass media. External communication can also be applied in the company, the term is internal communication. Companies can provide the latest information to employees through media such as wall magazine / magazine, corporate magazines even by emailing employees.
If you have done the above, it will certainly be a harmonious relationship in your company.