The Benefits of Marijuana for Health

Various news and negative assumptions about marijuana has made many people forget about the benefits of marijuana for health. Since the days of BC, marijuana has been used by humans to treat various health problems, such as:

– Relieves pain, including menstrual pain or pain due to advanced cancer disease

– Treating malaria, rheumatism, impotence, kidney disease, lung disease, diarrhea, fever, epilepsy, brain abscess, and tumor

– Overcome a variety of disorders of pregnancy and indigestion

– Increase sexual desire

– Insecticides

– Overcoming depression and anxiety

– Treat cuts and bruises on the skin

– To improve memory

– Reduced production of excessive liquids and gases

– Increased appetite

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In contrast to narcotics, marijuana does not cause damage to the brain cells. Marijuana makes users feel happy (euphoric effect) and lead to a decrease in concentration.

In addition, marijuana was believed to increase creativity (certain types of marijuana), although in some people marijuana also makes the wearer feel lazy. Marijuana does not cause addiction.

However, it is not recommended to consume or use marijuana without first consulting with your doctor. Keep in mind that the use of marijuana at doses that do not fit or excessive also can adversely affect your health.