The Perks of Being a State Employee

To call job security scarce in today’s economy would be a massive understatement. Even though employment numbers have been on the upswing for nearly eight years, many companies and private enterprises are hesitant to take on fulltime workers, opting instead of contractors and assorted freelancers. While this makes sense from a financial standpoint, such hiring practices have made it difficult for many people to make a comfortable living. If you, like many Americans, are on the hunt for job security and financial stability, consider becoming a state employee. As you’ll find, there are several prominent benefits to seeking this type of employment.


Job security is among the primary advantages of state employment. Even if you manage to land a fulltime job with a private company, your position can be eliminated at the drop of a hat. In many cases, this isn’t the result of negligence or outright incompetence on the part of an employee – but rather a cost-cutting measure on the part of employers. Unless you work your way up to a very high-ranking position, your job is never truly safe. While there are some exceptions, the majority of state employees enjoy enviable job security. Barring gross incompetence on their part, most of them can expect to remain at their jobs for as long as they like. To learn more about the job security enjoyed by state employees, pay a visit to


In many cases, state employers have a higher annual take-home than individuals working in the private sector. Furthermore, most state employees can count on annual raises and semi-regular promotions, both of which are regarded as scarcities by many private sector workers. Although you may not get rich working as a state employee, you should have no problem making a comfortable living and providing your family with financial stability.

Long-Term Benefits

Retirement is very difficult, if not outright impossible, for many people working in the private sector. Fortunately, the same can’t be said for most state employees. In addition to offering comprehensive health coverage, most states provide employees with generous retirement packages, ensuring that their hard work and dedication are justly rewarded.

Even with employment numbers looking good, countless Americans are struggling to make ends meet. The fact that many employers have put a freeze on fulltime hires is a major hindrance to jobseekers who value stability. Anyone tired of dealing with the countless tribulations synonymous with private sector employment should consider the benefits of becoming a state employee.